I played college football and had severe lower back issues. After going to other chiropractors that didn’t help me I finally found Dr. Berger. Within a few visits he was able to correct the problem that hampered my daily life. Their office is quick and efficient with a small town family touch. If you want real results, go to Dr. Berger!

Dear Dr. Berger: It was my good fortune to be referred to the Hawthorne Pain & Spine Center following my accident. My being struck by a truck while walking was a shocking experience. My subsequent fall increased my doubts regarding a full recovery. My equilibrium was out of whack and the pain seemed to migrate from day to day. I could no longer walk with ease and needed to use a cane. My first visit with you boosted my confidence but did not shake my fears. When reviewing my x-rays on my second visit, you explained the extent of the damage and the treatment protocols. At this point, through my sessions with you and your colleagues, 1 am more confident and feel almost no pain. I still use a can as a precaution. I have worked in hospitals and with doctors over many years. Many have been exceptional and recognized for their patient care. You and your colleagues mirror them. You give the patient every opportunity to ask questions. You explain fully the basis of the therapy, and you do not rush from patient to patient. There is a homey feeling in the office, a reflection of warmth and ease. Your office staff is excellent. They are cordial, interested in each person, quick to offer assistance, and clear in their requests for information. I am as comfortable in your office as I am in my own home. Having come to know you on a more informal basis than is common in such relationships, I realize that you are a man of uncommon intelligence, instinctive awareness, and high standards. This is true of you, and apparently it is what you expect of everyone within your practice. I am pleased to know you, and I would recommend unconditionally you and your team to anyone in need of sound chiropractic care backed upon by sound medical practices and reviews. My fears have faded. Sincerely yours,